At Dares Atlantic, we believe in the power of strong relationships. Our journey as a company has been defined by the meaningful connections we’ve cultivated with our clients over the years. For the second year running, we continue in our task to replant and restore the long-since-depleted native Scottish woodland. This endeavour not only contributes something to the preservation of nature, but it also deepens our bond with our valued clients. We are again thrilled to share the story of our tree planting project in the north-west Scottish Highlands, this time planting 200 Scottish native trees on behalf of our clients.

Our Second Year

The breathtaking landscape of the north-west Scottish Highlands serves as a source of inspiration for us at Dares Atlantic. The untamed, rugged terrain is home to some of Scotland’s most pristine natural beauty, and it’s here that we decided to make a lasting impact by planting a further 200 trees carefully selected to thrive in this unique environment and contribute to its biodiversity. Our work-from-home, computerised lifestyle could fool you into thinking we’re pasty-faced, Silicone Valley, Uber-catching, gadget-hugging, internet café hangout types. We’re mighty keen on the great outdoors, something we share via The Sassenach Moose. Last year, we sized the opportunity to interweave our love for the outdoors with our digital work, setting out on our first planting exercise.

Client Dedication

Our tree planting project extends to more than just adding greenery to the Highlands; it’s helped us to make a greater connection with our clients, and to educate them on Scotland’s history and biodiversity needs. As a token of our gratitude for the trust they’ve placed in us, we give them the opportunity to name and dedicate these trees. Each tree tells a unique story, carrying the name and dedication of a client who has been a part of our journey. We do this using sustainable tagging materials that we temporarily affix to the planted tree, photograph, then remove to reuse or recycle. By using What3Words we can also provide a grid reference for where the tree was planted.

Through this act, our clients can leave a positive and useful mark on the Highlands, and be a part of something greater than themselves.

Partnerships that Made It Possible

Our tree planting project wouldn’t be possible without the support of our valued partners who share our commitment to environmental sustainability. Through these partnerships, we were able to obtain native species, ensuring they are a perfect fit for the Highlands’ ecosystem. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared vision of creating a greener, more sustainable future.

The Future of Dares Atlantic’s Environmental Initiatives

Our tree planting project is just the beginning of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we recognise the importance of sustainability and its role in shaping a better future. At both The Sassenach Moose and here at Dares Atlantic we’re dedicated to exploring more eco-friendly initiatives, rewilding, replanting, and particularly the reintroduction of wildlife (especially moose), that not only positively impacts our planet, but also make it a healthier and more interesting place to wander.

Dares Atlantic’s tree planting project in the north-west Scottish Highlands is a testament to the enduring relationships we’ve built with our clients and the commitment we share to protect our environment. As these additional 200 trees take root and grow, so too do the connections between us and our clients, as well as our dedication to an ever more pleasant world. We look forward to nurturing our relationships and continuing to make a positive impact in the years to come. Thank you to our clients and partners for joining us in this task.