Ultrafast, Secure Hosting

Our ultrafast, SSD-persistent storage network servers are the perfect solution for hosting your website. Our global data centres, custom PHP implementation and Supercaching cuts TTFB so pages load faster, no matter where your visitors are located. We can implement multiple software solutions at server level for maximum performance. Don’t settle for a leaky dinghy of a server.

Plus, our servers allow unmetered traffic and include SSL and Custom WAF security, as well as daily autonomous backups to keep your data safe. Our data centres are 100% renewable energy matched by Google, our main data centre partner. So set sail with us today and experience lightning-fast website hosting that’s both reliable and sustainable!

Professional Email

Private email is included with our hosting service. You will be able to use your own @YourDomain email address, giving your business a professional and established image. Our email service provides advanced security features such as encryption, spoof and virus protection, ensuring your business communications are always safe and secure.

Subscription includes 1 Mailbox @YourDomain.com with 1GB storage and a generous 50mb attachment size. You can upgrade for additional mailboxes, powerful email automations, and evolved on-brand marketing email templates. Professional email is only available to clients with an existing Dares Atlantic hosting subscription.