Ahoy there,

We’re a dynamic fusion of American and British heritage. Not just in spirit, but authentic dual-nationals wielding a passport in each hand and a third between our teeth, with an intricate tapestry woven from an amalgamation of traditions and ways of life, occasionally punctuated by a friendly debate over the inclusion of the letter ‘u’ in spellings. With an intimate knowledge cultivated on both sides of the Atlantic, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies and nuances that define these vibrant cultures. Our unique position grants us a permanent and unparalleled vantage point, enabling us to traverse effortlessly between the doorways of North America and Europe, poised to bridge the gap and embrace the best of both worlds.

We’re a private, family business. We found our footing in web development, today, our scope has significantly expanded encompassing a diverse range of services. Clients contract us to help manage their businesses, organise their staff, automate processes, ignite impactful campaigns, establish their online presence, create captivating illustrations for their books, and produce high-quality content tailored for television and radio platforms. What originated as a hobby income pursued during our spare time, distinctly separate from our primary career paths, has now evolved into a full-time endeavour.  

So, why Dares Atlantic? We’re experienced. Our services are truly bespoke, and you can communicate with us directly night or day through video calls, emails, and instant messaging. We possess valuable resources and a network of contacts, which we leverage to enhance the services we offer to our clients. Additionally, we oversee several networking groups that boast a collective membership exceeding 32,000 individuals that you can use to market your business to or call on for further advice. By consolidating multiple smart solutions under one umbrella, we redefine the standard and provide a service that aligns with your needs and surpasses expectations. We’re something different—something the way it should be.

We’re Dares Atlantic.

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